How to upload or record a video to your application?

How to upload or record a video to your application?
This is a guide on how to upload a video or record a video directly in Elvium for your applicaiton.

The video module is available in some application forms, as for the recruiter to get a better idea of who you are as a person. It is usually up to you whether you wish to upload/record a video or not. Specifications for certain requirements regarding the video will often occur in the job advertisement.

You can either upload or record video in your application. 

Upload video
If you want to upload a video file located locally on your computer, click "Upload video", after which your pathfinder opens. Browse your computer and choose the video file you wish to upload and click "Open".

Record video
If you wish to record the video directly in the browser, you must press "Record video". You will most likely be asked to allow Elvium access to your camera. After giving permission you will see a video module displayed with different symbols. The first is "Settings", which you can click if you wish to change the settings for the video. The next symbol evaluates whether the lighting is sufficient and the last symbol will Information you whether the video module is registrering any sound. When you are ready to start the video Recording you press "Record", whereto you press "Stop" when you are finished. If you are not satisfied with the Recording you can try again by clicking "Redo".

When you are satisfied you can continue with the rest of your application.

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