How do you know if the application has been received?

Once you have submitted an application via Elvium, you have the opportunity to see the status of your application on the application that you have submitted.

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Log in to Elvium profile:
Once you log in to your Elvium profile, you can navigate to the "Overview" section to check the status of a specific job application. Within the job listing, you will find a box labeled "Status" that indicates whether your application has been "received" or "invited."

If the status is "received," it means the company has acknowledged your application and is currently in the process of reviewing it. On the other hand, if the status is "invited," it means the company has extended an invitation for an interview. In such cases, you should have also received an email notification from Elvium informing you about the interview invitation.

Update Profile
While awaiting an interview invitation from the company, you have the chance to enhance your profile and make it more appealing and personalized to the recruiter by providing additional information.

Once you have made the desired updates to your profile and clicked on 'Finish,' you will be automatically redirected to the overview page. If you prefer to update your profile at a later time, you can return to the overview by clicking on the Elvium logo in the upper left corner.

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Browse your application
By clicking on the job title, you can review your application.

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